Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to school

During the break i went to a couple of places to randomly draw, the name of the places are written on the drawings.. :) I had fun sitting in the beautiful weather that god blessed us with for spring break!

The park behind my house :) - i was trying to get away from the gouache i smelled all day!

Japanese Tea Garden with Jamie Lou and Julia :)

I didn't really do well for the quick studies this week but I was quite happy with the cloth figure workshop :)this was at the quick study, i drew the people drawing instead :) *Kinda stylized*

I finally found the time to do my homework too!
My cloth figure assignment - self portrait :)

Desiree says" "Yay-!".... now for art history =/"


  1. awesome cfd self-portrait! :D

  2. thanks!! - i spent a long time on that thing >.<!

  3. I love the first sketch girl!
    ahah I got caught in your lens power! I want some too!!!!!

  4. :D thanks!, rather scary using a pen.. starting to get looser in my drawings with pen though!! your my pen/marker master!