Monday, March 29, 2010

hey guys!

Hey! everyone, i was wondering if you guys could help me pick my best perspective piece, i was hoping to work on it a little bit more and try and enter it for the spring show...

you can go here - to have a nice view of them :)

Thanks alot, let me know your opinion under this post comment box!

and as for drawing, I've gotten rusty over spring break so my drawings have turned out rather crappy! but I'll upload some by next week!

Desiree says" she might apply to be an RA or teacher's assistant!"


  1. hi Desiree! I like all of your perspectives! I honestly think you should submit everything .. photocopies of course, not originals, although the colored versions should be in photo paper :)

    I think my faves are the 2nd and 5th (both b&w and colored) ones!

    oh and, you're welcome :) I hope you get to work with us!

  2. the isometric perspective ? and the 1point half water half sea ? - Karen like the half sea one too! alright thanks I'm gonna work at it :)