Wednesday, March 17, 2010


by now people should know i love blue sky's and warm weather, I had my art history test today and was happy to come out feeling educated about the subject and that i didn't have to learn any more art history for the next 1/2 and 1 week i walked around town for a bit regretted taking a nap although it helped. and when out 2 blocks to mountain lake park to draw..

I'm really happy with the out come of my first building with pen in this sketch book, it took me awhile to draw but loved it :), along with the kid holding his parents hands as he drag his feet on the floor :)

I skipped quick studies to finish my maya 1 homework due Tuesday i'll upload that soon..

So i went to the cloth figure workshop as usual after my class, I won't miss that !! it's so fun :)
I didn't draw much in my sketch book, because i wanted to tried my smooth pad i just bought, AWESOME to draw on better then rough paper..! I'll try taking pictures of that :D

Desiree say" she's having a fun time drawing!"

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