Monday, April 19, 2010

Critic !

Hey guys I'm pretty much set on doing the first one,
although i was rather confused at today's color and design critic, she some how had contradicting comments that got me scratching my head the whole day,
but i just thought that the first one just had more thought process put into it.. and i would enjoy doing it more then the other one

anyway, I would love if you guys can give any critic comments or advice on my design.

I have this week and next week till i have to finalize it and start doing the color schemes for them! :) - were apparently doing this and the mood project at the same time, alternating them till the final week where both are due.. i don't really know if that's going to allow me to make it or break it, we shall see!

Desiree says"The chaos of the final weeks have just begun!!!"


  1. they look really good, especially design wise.. i do like the first one, but i favor the second. mainly because of the inner pattern and the color possibilities.. i like that more is focused on the sea and framed nicely with the the submarine look. overall they look great! can't wait to see the final

  2. hahaha!, that's what Shantel said, and when ask again, she pointed at the hammerhead shark and asked what's that ? >.<!? see that's why i'm conflicted with my decision =/

  3. haha i knew it was a hammer head shark, i'm sure many others do too, you can't win em all unfortunately. but my opinion aside, they're both good.. i'm sure you'll have an excellent piece no matter which one you choose

  4. I really like both of them! Like Ricky said, either one will win you a great design. (Not to confuse you even more) but I actually like the first one more. It seems very simple and clean cut, and I like all the nautical imagery. The second one is all flowy and painterly but it just seems too busy to me.


  5. LOL, thanks Jenni thanks Ricky! I'll go with what i like i guess.. now i need to think about the mood project, she gave us really really loose information on how to do the work.. and i'm still really confused, do you guys have your mood project that i could see??

    Jenni- you saying GORGEOUS DARLING popped Mrs Hogenson into my head!!

  6. Second one is awesome, plus it is going to be really powerful once coloured! But first one is pretty aswell!

    about the mood project, I don't really know which one it is.. If it is the abstracted one I hated mine lol

    Very cool sketches by the way!!!!

  7. awwww man! you guys are making it hard for me to decided nNnoooo!

  8. ahahah sorry!!! But I can TOTALLY see the hammerhead sharks!