Sunday, May 30, 2010

wow, semester already ended and it's already been a week,Anyway - here are some of the sketches I didn't have time to upload :)

Quick study
Mandala Project
Cloth Figure
Cloth FigureCloth Figure

Used water color for a first time,
For some reason there are more stuff but the quality wasn't good.

Desiree says " she's slacking"


  1. Girl you are improving so fast. Nice line quality in your charcoal drawings. They seem effortless, even though we drawing people know how hard effortless is to capture. lol

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  3. ^ that's exactly what i was thinking, your hard work is definitely showing. you're great now but you're going to be a way awesome artist in the future, in the 2D and 3D, i know it!

  4. I've been so fustrated lately,... I felt as if i wasn't inproving at all.. But at same time knowing that your putting in the hours that will eventually benift you .. Thanks for pointing that out but I still have a long long way to goooo!!! - you both are inspiration to me to continue to work hard and be as good if not better then what I see possible!!