Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer break!

So i haven't been uploading in awhile -
here's an update on what I'll be doing, did or going to do over the summer..

I did some drawing while i was over in London, wish i had more time to just sit around and draw, but that's never the case when your traveling with people, especially family :) still wanted to spend as much time with them:)

Guy sitting next to me, my dad and a guy in my Current English class.
The British flag, a girl sitting in the plane on my right, and the airport.
Was at the ferry building for bills so call on site drawing class/ workshop - it was quite fun, wish i drew more.. i think i need to plug in my earpiece and draw!

And finally, this semester their holding a children drawing workshop. Its been reinstated since Barbara Bradley stopped working in the school, ( a well known cloth figure and children illustrator) may she rest in peace.

It was super fun, and the KID SO ADORABLE!! My favorite ZOEY! XD - she's my teacher's daughter, Thomas Gronbukt.

Desiree says" she hopes that this summer will just be another rewarding experience"


  1. I'm lovin these sketches Desiree! :]

  2. Hey these came out good. Loving the first london page. Kids are hard to draw. Stay still damn it! lol

  3. People keep telling me about you and that I should get to know you.

    Perhaps I'll shake your hand next workshop, nice work!

  4. OH! lol!! Now I see.. so that's how yesterday rolled out! Nice to meet you!! people keep talking about you toO!! nice to meet you too :)