Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of 2010 Fall Semester ! - ( My favorite class of the semester )

Head's and Figurative Sculpture

Thanks Juan Carlos, Jasper Figueroa, Brian Sydnor, and the awesome model! Sorry Forgot his name! - Best References Ever!
Psychoanal - 3 head Final Project for class!
Thanks Ovetto for helping me figure out the armature/material and all the amazing tools that your still lending to me! And Drew! for the random Marquette demo that spark the design and the idea!
Close up of the head in my full figure study

2 days final Gestural Studies

Midterm - Master copy of Ron Mueck the hat and glasses was Kelvin's Idea!..

3 days ? in class portrait study, Cast in Hydrocal.
  More photos of my Head study

Will be firing this -
but this is a small 1day study of the same model in the first picture!
will upload more photos once it's fired!

 Desiree says" Have a great Happy Holiday!, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!"
* apologies for the repeated images and weird layout earlier*


  1. Very nice. That 3-head final turned out awesome. It really looks like those other heads could've grown out of Juan! Because of their similar anatomy I think

  2. Also, now you have a bunch of cool stuff you can draw/paint from life!

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  4. Thank's Abel, i don't know if you were viewing the weird layout earlier, but i fixed it! so no more repeated images!

  5. hey these are sooo cool!! i like the top one best! great expressions!

  6. these kick ass! i love the gesture sculpture! is this a field you might be interested in?

  7. I don't know !! I enjoyed this class so much! AHHHH*, i just switch majors, don't think i want to switch focus again?! maybe i can incorporate it in someway!

  8. Desiree, hi its me sunny. we had a class together a few semesters ago. Its about Abel. (415) 410-5001