Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pledge

I now pledge to must copy at least 10 hands 10 heads and 10 figures from the bridge-man book, force, drawing people, and various masters   + do 1 speed painting + 1 digital photo study each week this summer semester and It would be nice to hear if anyone would like to join me on this so called quest.

and if my calculations are correct. you'll be 130 heads 130 hands and 130 figure 13 digital studies and speed painting stronger :D by the end of the last week of august!

I know Micheal buffington has this drawing challenge of a 1000 various heads hands legs and figure  ?  I hope to eventually achieve it but towards the end of fall..
this is to get me started i guess :)

Say HELL YEAH! in the comments if your going to do it too!
Desiree says" Who's with me :S"


  1. I'm in and already 152 hands into Bridgeman's book!

  2. that's an awesome goal, and I'd say go for it!!

    I would join you but I already draw the entire day at work >_>, then I can ony do a few studies a week.