Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Semester 2012 - Begins!

In efforts to try and make it to at least a few workshops this semester, I decided to drop into the fashion workshop at the new Polk building for the very first time :)

this one's just a random drawing of a guy in a subway :)

and for those who read the little iddy bitty details of my typing :)

I'm going to be at APE (Alternative Press Expo) this year!
 I'll be hanging out with my fellow friends Euna Kwon, Sunny Choi, and Mushk Risvi  at our  booth
 called Sailing sprouts!
(little sketch idea for my personal logo :D)

I've saved up a couple of sketches i really like that i won't be uploading here,
I did those during the summer and are quite dear to me, so I thought it just be exclusively for the  sketchbooks i'll be publishing for purchase at APE!

along with a couple of prints to trade or buy :D
I can't wait!

Also if you guys want to see anything in particular please drop a comment and let me know!

if your interested in going and don't really want to pay, you can volluenter! greet people at the door, usher people around make friends, and get free access to APE, what more could you ask for right ?
link @

I did it last year was pretty fun!

Desiree says" thanks for dropping by, i hope you all have a wonderful Fall, Cheers"

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