Monday, November 12, 2012

I ♥ Stop Motion :)

Hey guys!

here's some Leyla Updates :D

From Left to Right
- Head block
-Head replacement Layer
-Version 1 Armature (she's Called Rose)
-Tiny Little buttons
-Shoe Sculpt
-2 part, Mouth Replacement Mold
-Hand Sculpt
-Version 2 Armature ( She's Called Leyla)
-2 Part Hand Mold
-With Version 3 Hand Armature :D

There was A L O T of trial and error...
sometime after all of this when i have time, I'm gonna do a compilation of just the rejects :)

and also do a tutorial to help people not go through the mistakes i went through!!
there will be an update of Leyla with all her clothes on and finishing touches soon :)

Also, Awhile back, I did a 3 head sculpture for the Head and figurative class, here at AAU. there was a couple of cracks, and I thought I attempt a 4 part mold,
I have yet to do a cast, but I've manage to pulled the original out of the mold :D

 I cannot thank Daniel James AKA DJ and Earl in the sculpting department  for all their teachings.

I'm finally done compiling my portfolio for CTN, and to add to the excitement  Laika the company i so dream to want to work with.. is coming tomorrow for a talk and I'm also getting my portfolio reviewed by them.
I'm super excited! Wish me luck ^^

Desiree says" Stop Motion - Marry me"

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